Sand-washed Indigo Beads

Geneva - 1


Dervish Beads


Beach Beads

Mad Hatter Beads


Line Beads x1a


Faux Horn Necklace

Geneva - 2

Deep Marine Necklace - 1

Fire Light Necklace


Line Beads x3 - Citrus


Red Sun Necklace


Line Beads x3 - Smooth

Thrice Wound Tribal Beads


Koru Beads

Dora Beads - 1


Dora Beads - 2

Grecian Beads

Line Beads x1b

Faux Granite Pebbles

Sun Surf Necklace

Earth Cubes - Grey

Earth Cubes - Close up

Earth Cubes - Blue

Carnival Beads

Deep Marine Necklace - 2

Primary Beads - 1

Wine and Sun Beads


Turquoise Technique

Turquoise - Close up

Cornucopia Beads - Subtle

Donut Beads

Milky Way Beads - Indigo

Twice Wound Marine Beads - 1

Lace Patina - Yellow and Grey

Wine and Water Beads

Green Sediment Beads with Earrings

Twice Wound Box Beads

Milky Way Beads - Green

Twice Wound Marine Beads - 2

Iconography Beads


ElephantIconography - Close up


Golden Orb Beads

Iconography Beads - Close up

Elephant Iconography Beads

Marble Beads

Jube Beads


Primary Beads - 3

Primary Beads - 2

Abacus Beads